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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update 1.1.0

This is it. The update we have been talking about for the last few days. 25 new destinations are here!

What's new in 1.1.0:

- 25 New Destinations
- More sell plane options
Sell all un-used planes
Sell all un-used planes of a certain model
-Minor Bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy this update. We have more to come soon. 
Thanks for the 14,500 page views!


  1. Love the game - completely addicted.

    I have tried doing the numbers on the profits and costs and it appears that a very simple approach has been taken with the economics. Other than the depreciation (which appears to be based on time rather than hours of flight time), all of the costs appear to be variable, ie for every additional passenger, you profit goes up by the same amount regardless of whether you have a full or half empty plain. This can't be right. I would expect that the greatest cost would be getting the plane to the destination regardless of the number of passengers. If this is true - why aim for a full plane?


  2. Tourist and Business ratings seem a bit inflated in the new cities. Would you actually go visit CLE or CVG for a vacation??? A 50-60+ tourist rating...??? Any way to adjust/re-evaluate?

    Just an observation...

    How about MEM or PHX? Still lovin' PDX and YYC!!!


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