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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update out on the 18th, Thanks to all users

Thanks to everyone that has bought Airtycoon 2 lately. Since the release the game has had 5 updates. Most of these updates are thanks to the users on our blog that have kindly told us about bugs an things that the game needs. We encourage everyone to do this so that the game can be made better. Please feel free to tell us your comments on our Help/Questions Page.

Please keep your comments coming. They help make he game greater.

Since release the game has made it to....

24th in Strategy Games US
19th in Simulation Games US
24th in roll playing US
167th in Overall Games US
12th in Startagy Games UK
16th in Simulation Games UK
5th in roll playing Games UK
91st in Overall UK
12th in Stratagy Games AUS
15th in Simulation Games AUS
9th in roll playing Games AUS
107th in Overall AUS

We would love to see if we can get further up those charts. And for that we need your reviews. So please review the game 5 stars. Please don't rate the game 1 star because of bugs. They are getting fixed.

Also the update for New destinations comes out tomorrow the 18th so keep a look out for it.
This update is a thanks to everyone out there for making this game big.


  1. Brilliant game..sould be no:1 in the charts.. spent hours on it.Cannot wait for the new destinations. Brilliant Job in the updates..Would love to see more new aircraft such as the 757-200, 757-300 added into the game..keep updates and destinations coming :)

  2. Thanks for that comment. I hope you continue to play it :)

  3. Great Can't wait to play with the new cities.. What about Multi players? and fixing the loads? The loads from CA to all the Asia cities or so low.. Real deal there are alot of airlines flying 747-400 daily to all asia markets and filling there planes. on the game the numbers are so low that 2 airlines couldn't fill up 1 jumbo jet.. Please allow more then 1 player....

    Tradegame lab

  4. Multiplayer will be out this time next month. Bugs are getting fixed as we cam find them. The dev is struggling to find the bugs.

  5. Thanks to the developer for the excellent work so far!

    Still, the game does have some major limitations and drawbacks that need to be addressed before I'd buy a new version or update.

    1. Implementation of connecting flights. This is what operating a hub means! It would also solve all issues with unrealistic loads, real word loads are in virtually all cases the result of hub operation.

    2. Incremental use of aircraft: route management should be per aircraft and not per route. For example, in reality aircraft utilization goes something like ORD-MEM-ORD-MSP-ORD-DTW-ORD etc. The current implementation permits only inefficient aircraft utilization. It is also not possible to have the same route with one daily frequency on, say, an A319 with an additional frequency on e.g. an CRJ900.

    3. Cargo can be, and is being carried on passenger planes. This needs to be implemented in the game! Also, it is utterly unrealistic that an airline is required to operate its own cargo center. Most airlines do not!

    4. Regional jets should have business class as well!

    Some less important things I'd like to see:

    1. A number of cities is served by more than one airport e.g. New York, Washington D.C., Tokyo, London, etc. This should be reflected in the game along with operational limitations and differences in landing fees these airports offer.

    2. You need to use a vector graphics world map, the current one is a disgrace!

  6. it is not a role playing game an realy good game but not a role playing game

  7. @II You are playing the role of an Airline Manager so it is a role playing game.

    @Anonymous thanks for your reply, most of those things are getting sorted outZ can you please next time write your comment in the Help/Questions page. Thanks

  8. how many multiplayers will there be?? Any Chance on adding the 757-200 and 300?

  9. @Anonymous 757 family is coming out soon.

    Multiplayer will be on one device pass and play for the original release. Bluetooth and that later.

  10. how many airlines will you be able to control? I think this is a GREAT game and love playing it.. What about any updates on the first one? like more aircraft and the same cities, and multi player? You guys have a great game!!!! wish i had a pc version......


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