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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update 1.2.0 Submitted!

The update is expected to be available late this week.
It will include the following:
-  B757 family (B757-200, B757-200F B757-300)
- A button for reading the management reports on Reports menu.
- Events. (Accidents, Weather problem, Awards for airline of the year)
- Easier way to replace older aircraft.

- New Icon


  1. Hi there. I just recently found the wonders of AT2 and i am very much enjoying it. However when i tried playing competition mode and reached 2029. The game stopped and all i can see is a black screen... I closed the game and reopened it and still the same...

    This might have been answered before and i really do apologize.. I only tried it once though cause the first time i played it i just played the one for 10 years... Great thing i found this site. Nice job and keept it up.

  2. Thanks for your reply, It is a known bug and the dev is trying to fix it. Can you Please ask any further questions on the questions/help page. Thanks

  3. Could u please add the Concorde plane and Sulaymaniyah airport in Iraq


  4. More cities will be getting added. as for the Concorde i prob would say it wont get added. We are trying to add aircraft that will fly for the whole game,

  5. Can you please add more AI opponents as I keep buying them all

  6. I really like your game but i would like it even more if there were more aiplanes available to buy! You should add some McDonnel Douglas, tupolev, antonov and embraer. You should also add some new destinations in srbia, bosnia, slovenia, and lots of new destinations in africa and russia. You should also allow us to choose the begining age of the game.i would also like it if we would be able to modify the airplanes when you buy them like the colour types of the seats, types of the engines and fuel tank sizes to increase the range. You should also add some helicopters and boeing 707, 717, 727. Also add some propeler airplanes.
    Thank you for your unferstandindg.

  7. Both business and tourism values are really low for Minneapolis. The demand for routes to/from Minneapolis is much lower than it should be. After all it is one of the busiest hubs in the U.S. and is the number 2 or 3 hub for Delta. It was the 15th busiest airports in the world in the beginning of the '00's before Northwest's take over by Delta. The passenger throughput in real life is in the Boston/Seattle/Phoenix/Vegas range. So if you guys could give those values a bump that would be great!

  8. Thanks for your replies guys we are trying to fix these issues. Can you please ask any further questions on our designated Help/Questions Page.

    Thanks Jack(Blog Admin)

  9. When is the update released

    Please reply ASAP

  10. Like i have said twice, When apple release it. Refresh your updates page every one in a while.

  11. the update is out ...:)


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