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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Update 1.3.0 Submitted

Sorry about all the waiting everyone, We have been very busy over the past few weeks sorting some things out. But now we are proud to announce that a new update for "Air Tycoon 2" will be released in the coming week.

This update will include

  • New Planes: B747-8, B747-8F, Embraer E-170, E-175, E-190, E-195
  • Airplane Lease Option
  • Airplane Price up by 2%-4% every year.
At this stage we don't think we will be able to add much more destinations due to the amount of memory usage the game uses. 


  1. Hi, I'm Marc!
    Could you please add some more facts that have changed? E.g. max. passengers for 747-400 was (I think) 524, is now 670; A380 was 600 is now 850...
    Thanks in advance and keep on the excellent work! AirTycII remains an exciting game.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi there,

    I love the game... It's terribly addictive!!! I have two suggestions I'd like to mention that I believe would make it even better!

    1) Raise the difficulty setting. Currently when you play to about the year 2050 or so you are generally left with only one competitor globally. They all just tend to die off!

    2) Subsidary airline businesses! If we could buy the opposition airlines under their current name or have the ability to create our own new airline... Similar to real world airlines Qantas and United, they have created Jetstar and Ted.

  3. Love the addition of the Embraer! I work on them... Sonwas pleased to see they got added to my favorite game!

    If the bombardier CS 100 and CS 300 could be added that would make it much more interesting!

  4. I was wondering on when the next update will be available? And as another game suggestion- Rail Tycoon- Manage your own rail company around the world like Amtrack

  5. Is there any chance to put 777_200LR in the game?…

  6. Is there any chance of 777-200LR, A350-800, A350-900, A350-1000? Also, can you make it so your airline can be only cargo?

  7. Pleeeeeease add more destinations in Brazil! The cities of Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre, Brasília, Salvador and Recife opperate regular daily routes to Europe and North America and should be available to make the game more interesting.

  8. Get it on android please!!

  9. Please update the app so it’s compatible withiOS 11 I still love to play it

  10. I love this game!!! I spend day and days playing this game! Would love to see update on iOS 11 as I’m currently not able to play! Please bring a new update as you will see stream of new and old enthusiasts coming back to this highly addictive game!


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