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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update 1.0.3

A new update has been released. 

What's new in 1.0.3:

- Added double tab to zoom-in
- City selection enableed when the city info window is open
- AI improvement 
- Replaced buttons on the main view with high resolution ones for retina display
- Enlarge all buttons
- Airplane Manufacturer descriptions.

- Bugs fixed
M&A list
Cargo plane list merging after M&A
show and running routes of bankrupt company
Detailed plane inventory

THE BIG NEWS!: 20 new destinations will also be added for free for the current users on the next update and $0.99 for new 20 destinations as App-in-purchase for new users.
I will add the list as soon as I am aware of it.


  1. when will you put Luanda, cause i have seen luanda as a destination in the map, but i don't have it when i play it

  2. I have not seen this version in my iTunes yet...
    I'm excited to play with this update!

  3. It be nice if it was more realistic like the passenger load as they arn't really relaistic especailly when you consider in real life ( Emirates opeates more than 7 daily flights to Heathrow - A380, 777-300er) and they fil them up quit well but on the game you'd me lucky to feel up 7 flights a week using a A330. Also there are bugs , When I reached like 2050 with more than 300 airplanes the game does not let me "Turn the quarter" it just crashes. I think this game should have more relaistic loads and support the passenger load buisness model like Emirates( Asian countries to Europe with a stop over at Dubai so they can get more passenger) also the 200LR could be added but I doubt it helped if the passenger loads are always not realistic.

  4. @Yuichi This version has not yet come on Itunes yet. It is still in review.

    @claudio_25jorge Luanda is not a destination in AT2. The 20 Cities have not been decided yet so it might be added. It was originally on the game in BETA but had to be removed due to certain reasons.

    To clarify it to you guys, The new cities wont be added in this update but the one afterwards.

    @Anonymous Bugs are getting fixed, With your situation, Emirates use more than one aircraft on a route. Also these kind of things are getting sorted out.

    Other Planes are being considered, Maybe in the Future more planes will be added.

  5. will be nice if the city list/database can update too. Lots of wrong information... i.e. the population is all wrong as well as city business/tourist rating. why rating for overall US cities are much higher than cities in other countries, and many of them are even higher than the TOP 10 cities in the world that located in other country. example check sydney and melbourne... check aisan cities... osaka (2nd largetest city in japan), and cities in china (how can only 2?). Also the passenger is so unrealistic - too low need to be at least 10x the current amount. And the porfit is way too high, need to be 1/10 the profit. the population of cities seen very small effect, a 30x population city (with higher rating) only has 10%-50% more traveler than 1x population city (with lower rating). the interest need to be higher, also the starting fund should be at least 5x higher than current, what kind of airline only have 2-4 planes? also too easy computer AI, need a super hard model...

  6. There is a HUGE bug in this game as of 1/22/11. Many times when I purchase planes they simply disappear. After the 2nd turn it says ther plane(s) has arrived as I would expect. However, when I checked my inventory of unused planes, it is simply not there. I double checked by seeing if I could open a new route and it said there was no plane available. Of course I have quit playing the game until this gets fixed. I have had it happen when purchasing multiple planes too. This is too big of a bug to leave unfixed. This is a great game, can't wait until it's fixed so I can play again.

  7. Hi, It'd be nice to see more airlines added to the next update (such as Air New Zealand), and the option to have airline alliances and codeshare. It would also be good to be able to operate subsidiary airlines, i.e if a company is taken over, there should be the option to manage that as a seperate company.

  8. @Tim Airlines symbols are hard to add as it requires copyright agreements with those airlines.

    @Anonymous (Jan 22nd 10:20pm) I haven't seen this problem yet and it has not been reported by anyone else yet. Are you using a Jail-broke version of the game as usually those versions of the game are really Buggy?(I am not saying you are). Talking of Jail-Broken copies of the game, If you are using Jail Broke copies of the game please dont report bugs as that is a waste of time.

    @Anonymous (Jan 22nd 8:11pm) These bugs are getting ironed out but they take time. As i was once told "Patience is a virtue", These bugs will be fixed as soon as Tradegame can fix them.

    As for anyone that cant see the game in Itunes, It is still in review from Apple, It should be out soon hopefully.

  9. Get a 100 more destinations,
    Addis Ababa
    Cape Town
    Dar es Salaam
    Sofia ( Bulgaria)
    Bucharest ( Romania )
    Tallinn ( Estonia)
    Riga ( Latvia)
    Vilnius ( Latvia )
    Nice ( France)
    Lyon ( France)
    Gadnsk ( Poland)
    Krakow (Poland)
    Saint Petersburg
    Stuttgart ( Germany)
    Düsseldorf ( Germany)
    Belgrad ( Serbia)
    Stavanger ( Norway) ( Big Oil City)
    Guthenburg ( Sweden)
    N.& S. America
    Panama City
    Managua Kingston (Jamica)
    Cebu ( Philipines)
    Hanoi ( Vietnam)
    Abu Dhabi
    Tbilisi ( Georgia)

    Airline logo
    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
    JAL Japan Airlines
    Singapore Airlines
    Korean Air
    SAA South African Airways
    EL AL Israel Airlines
    Etihad Airways
    Turkish Airlines
    Aeroflot Russian Airlines
    Air China
    Qatar Airways
    TAP Air Portugal
    Thai Inter. Airways
    Areo Mexico
    Asiana Airlines
    Cathay Pacific Airways
    KLM "Royal" Duch Airlines ( I don't like them, flew them to panama last year,the worst airline IN THE "RICH EUROPE" )
    Swiss Inter. Airlines
    Etihopian Airlines
    Avianca De Colombia
    BMI British Midland
    Malaysia Airlines
    Air New Zealand

  10. I am using a normal, non-jail broke version. I've also noticed that when I happen to have extra planes and I switch the type of plane the route is utilizing, it sometimes makes a new plane appear/reappear. At first I thought maybe I was mistaken, but I have a saved game where I'm due to receive a new B737-900 the next turn and I've reloaded it several times and each time the plane disappears. Haven't tried reinstalling yet as this doesn't seem like it would be a solution to the problem. I was surprised to see no one else had reported it. P.S. I checked all my flights and none of them fly over the Bermuda Triangle. Posted by: Agent00Kevin


  12. One quick question: would sending a short video clip of the sequence of events help you debug? I would be happy to do that if it helps.

  13. @Anonymous (Jan 23 8:18pm) Thanks for the list of cities, With the logos, They may take time to add due to copyright issues.

    @Anonymous (Jan 23 1:57pm) Thanks for the Cities list

    @Agent00Kevin The dev is fixing all the bugs he can at the moment, I dont think a video is necessary, This bug should be fixed soon.

  14. I too experience bugs such as crashing after having 120 planes. I would love to see stopover options eg : Melbourne/Los Angeles/ New York etc,
    B747-400ER added as Qantas use this a/c from Melbourne/Los Angeles, code share flights, also please add the following cities:
    Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Hobart, Christchurch, Wellington , many more Asian cities and Europe: Skopje (Macedonia), Belgrade (Serbia), other European cities in the Balkan region.

  15. I wish to know if an HD version going to be available or not because I like this game but I wish if it uses my iPad screen to it's full potential

  16. add more city!
    Berlin, Milan, Rio de Jenairo, Barcellona...more...
    add more airlines's logo!
    Continental, Emirates, Alitalia, Iberia, SAS, Klm, JAL, Swiss, Cathay...more...
    The game is real and beautiful

  17. I have to agree with another comment that the passenger is too low and the profit is too high. If you look closely at the profit for each route, the apps simply calc the profit per route = no. of seats X (fare-meal) X schedule per week X 8 weeks. 8 weeks is used as a 'quarter' now is 2 months.
    Does the apps that into consideration of cost of fuel and accessories and aircraft depreciation ?. As far as I understand, airline companies hedge fuel in the international market as the oil price fluctuates everyday.
    Suggestions for the apps :
    The profit of each route should minus fuel cost and aircraft depreciation. In addition, can we have an extra tab where we can see fuel price fluctuates and hedge e.g. a few million litres/barrels for future use. The report must indicates the fuel usage so we can plan the fuel hedging.

  18. Great game guys, thanks for the efforts. I have purchased this and first version of it and enjoyed both.
    Look forward to seeing any future developements you build in


  19. Disappearing airplanes - What I have noticed is if you buy X type of airplane in one quarter and then buy the same type in the second quarter, both will be delivered in the third quarter (the second plane comes one quarter early). The second plane will still show as undelivered and in the fourth quarter delivery is announced, but the airplane will not be there if you used it to open a route. If you open a new route using the plane you bought in the first quarter, the arrow to increase the number of airplanes on a route will be illuminated, indicating there are actually two airplanes available.

    Passenger loads - They are low, but they are much better than when the game was originally released.

    Profits - If profits are too low, the game would drag because you couldn't afford to expand.

    I think Sunghan Choi and Trademark Labs have done a great job with this game. That they continue to improve/fix the game shows more developer support than I have seen with any app.

  20. Just downloaded v1.0.3 - nice to see the new cities but it seems they're all in Asia? Rio de Janeiro, Adelaide, Phoenix, and Memphis seem to be some much-needed cities that are still missing, however.

    As for the earlier comments on Business and Tourism rankings on cities - I think they're pretty accurate. I did notice, however, that the populations do seem to grow exponentially and "explode" around year 2020-2025.

    Adding the EMB fleets, and perhaps the A350, would be a wonderful addition to the next release. The older fleets (757's, MD-88/90's) would be nice as well. 757's are much needed and the A321 is the only option...with a really poor range.

  21. @exredtail No cities were added in update 1.0.3, The cities will be added in the next update hopefully. As for the Fleets, yes tradegame is looking into it.

    @Scott Thanks, Dont forget to review the game in the app store and recommend it to your friends :D

    @Anonymous (Jan 25 8:47pm) The passenger issue and lots of other fixes are getting fixed.

    @Anonymous (Jan 24 7:56PM) Can i please know what Device you are using at what software? Also stop over routes are being considered.

    @Sulayman AirTycoon 2 can be used on IPad at 2x Resolution. And it actually works and looks fine. A HD version is being considered but at the moment it doesn't seem to be needed.

    Again thanks for the comments guys and keep them coming.

  22. Hello guys ... This app is really nice compliment! It would be really the best if there were more languages, like I could use if it was in Italian! Let me know if you can ... soon

  23. Hi Jack,

    @Anonymous (Jan 24 7:56PM) Can i please know what Device you are using at what software? Also stop over routes are being considered.

    Thanks for your reply. Excuse my ignorance , I have a 3G phone and paid/downloaded the game from apps store , all other apps are fine, I am not sure why the game crashes after I have a large fleet

  24. @Anonymous (Jan 27 11:34pm) Can i please know what IOS software you are using? Such as 4.2.1 or so on. I have over 200 planes on my version of the game and i can honestly say i have not experienced a crash. So i dont think it is the game it self as i would have experienced this problem. I think it might have something to do with your device. It might be a problem with 3G IPhones or maybe a problem with the IOS you are using.

    @Christian The games dev is Korean and does not speak english very well so i edit his english in the game, So you could say im one of the spelling editors. The dev knows personally how hard it would be to get the game in different languages, and to do so would take a great deal of time. I am not saying that this might not happen, all i am saying is that Tradegame Lab has plans for the game and other languages aren't really a priority.

    Also what do you guys think of our support?

  25. I understand that for them is a waste of time to do the translation. If you need help in translating it, I could help.

  26. @Christian I cant fully say what Tradegame is thinking, But i know after talking with the dev that he is very busy with the game and i personally think that translating the game is not the first thing on the list of things to do. Thanks for the other though. It is something that the game might get in the late future though.

  27. Please change/ edit/ explain the following:
    1. The passenger loads are not real. I won't go in depth and give real world examples but they need to be changed.
    2/ Thois game needs to support fuel cost ... seriously. Like fuel price changes making some routes less proftible and an added challenge to the game when the cost of fuel is going up. And this will also make it mor eporifitable to fly certain planes depending on their fuel effiency
    3. I think you guys could suuport hub transfer like an airline based in Singapore gets addional loads when passnegers fly that airline from Austrilia and continue their journey on to London. ( What Emirates does really well )

    Please adress these issues alsl I notice the game crashes when your TOO succesful ( 130 A380, 101 - 777-300er, and another 80 various wide bodies )

  28. I currently have over 730 Boeings plus various Airbus and cargo planes and have had no problems with crashing until I reached the stage where I wanted to buy out my second largest competitor who had around 350 planes. That's quite a big bug and I think it needs to be solved.

  29. It would also be good if you have the ability to establish charter flights and then you have the option to add the routing to a regular shcedule.

  30. Please ask these in the Help/Question page guys.

  31. Hey Jack...some other random logos would be swell. Vulgar Air needs a really vile one!

    VulgarAir: Like what you're breathin, cuz we're not happy 'til you're not happy!

  32. I think this is a great game. Bit the one thing it needs is I want to be able to control more then just one airline. Please make it to where I can control as many airlines as I want. Also more cities. Also add the 757 pass and cargo. Also the loads need to he fix. Thanks......

  33. Vulgar Air...nice...ha-ha. Think I flew them the other day!?


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