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Monday, January 17, 2011

Update 1.0.2

Last Week 1.0.2 was released for Air Tycoon 2

This update includes:
- New Airplanes : A330 Family
- AI improvement
- More passengers
- Bankruptcy bug fix clearly
- Availability check in on sale plane

We hope this update makes your game experience better. There will be more updates in the future.

If you are experiencing any unfixed problems just tell us in the comments below. Please no asking for your city to be included in the game as there are plenty that are already being considered and this takes time to do.

Thanks and have a Happy New Year.

TradeGame Lab and Friends


  1. LOVE this game! An airline employee, it actually tests some of my business knowledge and sense, although cutting frequency to maximize profit on a route while charging the max amount does get old after a while...wait, isn't that what some carriers actually do???

    I like the comments about needing the ERJ and A350 fleets as well as maybe some older fleets such as the MD80/90 and 757's (after all, the A310 is still in this version and Airbus shuttered that line a while ago)!? Give the older aircraft a higher problem rate and shortened service life cycles and you have a sim that presents today's actual industry challenges. Some add'l logos would be nice as well - real world or new/original would be fine with me.

    Overall, a great little app for the price. I probably would have paid the $4.99 that was earlier discussed. In fact, I liked AT1 so much that I bought AT2 sight-unseen without even downloading AT2 Lite.

    Bugs recently are crashes around year 10-15 after I have at least three hubs going and have started some freight routes. Usually it goes blank and locks-up in the end-of-quarter cycle. Exiting the app and re-starting is a pain, but it does complete the auto-save and I can reload and continue. I play this on a Gen2 iPod Touch with the current iPhone OS.

  2. Thanks for your detailed reply. When i get a chance i shall submit your problem to the games dev.


  3. My seven cents:

    1) I'd like to see passenger demand numbers after a route has opened. Even better, it should list the demand number from when you opened the route and then I think you should have to pay $XXX per route for a "marketing study" to update the numbers. This could be on individual routes or a airline-wide "study" from the budgeting screen. A good way to make players spend money later in the game.

    2) Hub bonus - the more routes you open from a hub the more passengers you can "draw" per route. An airline with 18 routes will have more passenger demand than an airline with 6.

    3) More ability to inflict pain on competitors and drive them off of routes. If I drop a 747 on a route for the cheapest fare, they other competitors should back down and actually close the route after a while.

    4) As others have said - more realistic passenger numbers. They're better after 1.0.1, but still not near enough. Example: ORD-NRT has 4 777/747 daily in real life, but the demand in the game is like 2000/week.

    5) Bulk route fare adjustment for economic dips. So I can lower all fares by XX% when the economy goes bad for a while.

    6) Saving of route preferences. Save the meal quality after opening the first route. When opening a 2nd route with the same type of plane, save the seat config.

    7) Have the AI select cities other than the main ones for their expansion hubs. They always end up in New York, LA, London, Seoul, etc. They could actually make more money being in a few mid-tier cities by themselves rather than piling in the same city.

    Love this game though.


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