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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Air Tycoon 2 Lite is Out Now!

For those who don't have the cash or wan't to try before they buy, AT2 Lite is out to now.

Air Tycoon 2 lite is a stripped down version of Air Tycoon 2.


  1. Hi.. You should have a FAQ site.. I just bought the game and I love it (I have tycoon 1 too).
    In air tycoon 2, you can make a "cargo line" but i don't know how to do it :S

    is there someone who can help me out there?

    thank you :)

  2. You need three hubs and you need to own the distribution subsidiary business in the two cities you want to start a cargo route between. It's mentioned in the tutorial pretty clearly.

  3. @yasir I think a tutorial is coming into the game soon. But i am not 100% certain

  4. I didn't know how to do cargo routes easier, but it is in the tutorial. You have to select a city and then on the tab with the photo slide your finger from there to the left and a box will slide out with extra options.

  5. The game keeps saying im bankrupt
    after the first round

    even when I made a profit
    or even when I still have almost all of my starting money

    what am I doing wrong

    did the tutorial twice didn't help

  6. I've found a bug with buying aircraft, is this the best place to report it?

    When there is a sale on you are not allowed to buy a 'on sale' aircraft (or aircrafts) unless you have enough cash to pay the full price. The sale price is charged.

    Workaround - borrow a little cash, buy the plane, pay off the loan in full.

  7. I would be happy to download a card with all aircraft (range and capacity)
    and same for the city (population ....)

  8. Hi All,

    I really enjoyed Airline Tycoon 1 and was looking forward to AT 2. In the most it is an improvement, the graphics etc and ability to alter the aircraft configurations. Additionally the way to purchase aircraft is much improved along with the use of aircraft in production today.

    However, I have been playing it for a while in easy, normal and hard mode and generally win (ie number 1 for pax carried and number 1 for company value), after about 3 years at the most.

    Additionally when trying to build an airine empire!! you only seem to be able to buy out 1 other competitor. Once that is done, no matter how much cash I generate (got up to 23,000,000 before I gave up)I am unable to buy out additional airlines.

    Also, is there a maximum number of hubs?

    It would also be good if there was the ability to create a subsidiary company.

    All in all great game and well worth £2.39.. would be willing to pay more if it helped to develop it further.

    Cheers all

  9. hi ,
    how do you buy an aeroplane? ,
    i cant figure it out.
    i lovve this game ya its so worth some money.
    i continusly play the game for days but dont know how to buy the aeroplane.

    plz can someone help me?

  10. Hi! I am From poland and i have a problem . I don't know why i only lose my money and value .

    Plz can some help me ???

  11. What do i do wrong???


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