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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Update: 1.0.1

Today Air Tycoon 2 was updated to fix the following issues:
-Crash Problem Fix
-Abnormal Bankruptcy Fix
-More accurate route/passenger averages

The update also included the following new features:
-Cancel Button on New route building
-Ui Improvement

We hope this update improves your game experience as-well as fixed plenty of bugs and crashes.
We are aware of some other bugs and issues and hopes to have them fixed by the next update, hopefully before the app store closure for Christmas (21st-27th of December).

If there is any issues or comments please post them bellow.
Thank-you for your interests.


  1. I just purchased this game and have been enjoying for the past few days. However today I noticed that every so often when I order 1 plane and add a new route, the plane is no longer there. I don't have this problem when I order several planes at a time. In the earlier stages of building my air empire I purchase planes as I can afford them. The first time I thought it was me, but after 3 or 4 I was a bit annoyed. I am sure this is a temp bug. Love the game otherwise.

  2. Bug in cargo price setting

  3. i am an i pod touch first generatıon user. and it is clear that we can not make ios 4.0 update to ipod first generations. air tycoon 2 requires ios 4.0 or later versions. so for about one week i couldnot buy the game. even i could not download the lite version. i love air tycoon and bought air tycoon-1 and hotel tycoon.

    my question is will you make any update for ipod touch 1g users? will air tycoon-2 work in ios 3.0 or 3.1 or 3.2 ?

    i have got many friends who are havıng same problem with me. if you preare any udate for us we will be very happy and buy the game.

  4. This is the best game I have on my iPad.

    I have been playing in the free play mode. The largest aircraft (number of seats) I have needed is about 250, which eliminates the need for a lot of aircraft.

    Higher passenger counts on at least some cities would add variety to the game. If the number of passengers increased by some percentage amount quarterly/yearly, it would be something else to manage. The new estimated passenger count could be displayed on the route summary page.

    Thank you for the great game.

  5. @Samed The game will not preform well enough on previous versions of iOS and will crash and cause plenty of problems. You will probably have to upgrade your device.

  6. Thank you for a another great game !

    It would be nice to see other airline companies such as Embraer, Bombardier CSeries, BAe 146, Tupolev Tu-156,Tu-206, Tu-216, Airbus A350, Comac C919, Irkut MS-21.
    It would also be nice to be able to start the game maybe in 1960 or earlier and have older planes and have the need to upgrade to newer faster planes.
    I love the business aspect, it would be nice to have the possibility to expand this in future updates or version.


  7. Not to brag or anything, but in the original AirTycoon I had companies with 1,500 planes and a trillion in the a bank. I love this game beyond what is reasonable.

    There are a few things that I see problems with: business and first class cabin occupancy. United generally has around 80-90% occupancy on their international routes in business, with tickets a 8-10g (to Asia) and 40-55 seats. I will routinely get less than 50% load factors with just 40 seats on trans pacific flights. Domestically it is also pretty bad. ORD-LAX has an average of 2 people flying in business, United can fill most of the 24 "first" seats on the same route.

    I would like to see the selected cities highlighted like in previous versions and Retina graphics. Also, add the A350, 747-8, 777-200LR, I don't want to see any of the Russian or Chinese planes, and don't do the old planes (757 would be nice, as it is one of the most popular planes in operation), CSeries would be nice, Embraer would be nice. Keep rolling out new cities.

  8. Contributing to the low passenger count problem (you can't use the big airplanes) are the too numerous recessions (3 in 8 years). The recoveries never return the passenger count to previous levels before the next recession hits. A constantly declining passenger count results. The only way to keep a full airplane is stick with the 132 seat or less models.

    The same problem exists with cargo routes.

  9. Is this for iPad version ?

  10. For people who don't have the iPhone 4 or the ipad and who has the iPod touch3g like I do it's a bit unfair for us so please make an update which alaows Ipod touch user to by this game because you are lossing money just letting iPhone4 users playing it

  11. 3 suggestions:

    - Transiting Pax
    If I have a good network within the region, there should be some extra pax demand boost. People may take indirect flight jus like the real world.

    - Frequency boost
    In the real world, aircrafts are not stick to the same route. So if I have many same kinds of aircraft with same seat arrangement, frequencies of routes can have a boost, as they share the useage of the aircrafts.

    - Recession
    Now both cargo and pax will go down during recession. I suggest recession can be pull down either one of the factors. In the real world, recession can cause only pax revenue goes down but cargo remain strong (similar to 2003). In this case, the reason u guys add cargo route is stronger and this encouraging me to build up cargo network.

  12. Anonymous @December 22, 2010 5:33 AM
    While I have found a lot of success in flying 737s and 320s, that is not how the real world works. United (not including CO) operates over 100 widebodies and are the strongest US airline financially. SYD-SFO there was not a single seat available on a 747. Business was full (not a single person was upgraded to business - I was #1 on the list and didn't get it), yet, with the minimum prices and smallest capable plane i have a hard time just getting one or two flights a week.

  13. I love the game, however I can say that it's still under construction
    There is a major problem with airlines goes under and they bankrupt in 5 years and the game us over.
    Please make it more competitive !!!
    The hub city should be mark on red as before. Somehow the graphic of the map was better before.
    Not always one aircraft is assigned to one route but it's mainly problem
    Alliance between some airlines on some routes
    Sharing the profit, but not flying to the hub if the airline
    Borrowing money between airlines for profit if they don't pay it back on time other airline can take it back
    If airline is for sale other airline should be able tonmake an offer too, best offer wins
    Please fix so it take longer than 6 year to win

  14. Nice game, better than the n°1 (real planes, real logos...).
    A little updating is still needed though :
    - missing planes : A330-200/-300, A350-800/-900/-1000, B777-200/-200LR
    - outdated planes : A300/310 (no longer available for sale), B787-3 (program has recently been cancelled)
    - maybe add BAe planes ?

    Would be greatly appreciated :)

  15. hello,

    great game, but passenger numbers should be adjusted to real life. also that traffic into hubs boosts traffic outbound - like in real life. also i would very much appreciate the number of passengers between two cities also if there is an existing route already. pls.

  16. Ok to answer a few questions

    @Anonymous on December 22, 2010 3:33 PM, Im using a 3rd Gen Device and i know a guy who has a 2nd gen and the game works fine for both of them devices.

    @Anonymous on December 21, 2010 1:04 PM
    Bombardier CSeries planes are all ready included in the game.

    @Anonymous on December 21, 2010 9:17 PM
    Retina graphics will probably get added in a later update.

    @Anonymous on December 26, 2010 6:45 AM
    Out dated planes have been added to keep an older generation of gamers happy. More aircraft being added to the game is being considered.

    To answer some un-asked questions
    - More Airports shall be added to the game
    - The Bugs are getting fixed and hopefully will be sorted out very soon.

    Thanks Jack
    Airtycoon 2 Blog

  17. Love the game but I would really like to get more in to the details. Is there any way to post a list of all the cities along with their Business and Tourism ratings. I don't know if I missed it but can I get a better understanding on how Human resource and Investment spending effects the game.
    It may be a long shot but any chance of making a multiplayer game? Where each player performs on a turn by turn bases. It would take much longer to play but it would be nice to have a real brain on the other side to compete with. If not it was worth the shot.
    Thanks for the game, price is a little high but I hope later updates make it worth it.


    Ps If anyone is interested I have created a spread sheet with all aircrafts listed sorting by name, max seats, price…etc. I can try to email or post on this web site if possible.

  18. I dont quite understand the human resource section myself.
    A multi-player update is coming soon!

    I will try to add tourist and business rankings :)

  19. 1 question that I always wanted to ask is, even back to Airtycoon I :
    Is the quarterly profit of a route take into consideration of aircraft depreciation? Aircraft depreciation, per quarterly period, should be taken into account, as we need to fork out lots of money to replace the aircraft at the end of life. this money should be evenly spread out throughout the life of the aircraft.

  20. 3 issues :
    1. On route opening, the 'cabin service' button seems to be opposite to others. + to decrease and - to increase service??? I suggest the opposite so that we always work on the right arrows to complete the route opening process.
    2. the app seems to response slower as I open more than 200 routes. I now that 350 routes and the slow response is getting very obvious. Also the 'Passenger Planes' in 'Reports' screen is obviously wrong.
    3. A new plane take 2 quarters to arrive. it seems the app cannot differentiate between the 'unused' and those ordered but still need 1 quarter to arrive. You can use those planes as 'unused' ones.

    Please fix these if you can. Thanks

  21. I agree with other comments that the travel passengers do not reflect the real life figures. Also the increasing rate is too low for free play mode.
    If we compare AirTycoon I & II, the value/route is almost the same. However one big different is that AirTycoon I have this fantastic AJ-277 that carries 180 passengers and fly 14,000 miles. In AirTycoon II, the smallest aircraft to fly > 5000 miles is B767, but it carries 255 passengers. We'll never fill up this aircraft for 'golden routes'.
    I suggest the developer to re-adjust the travel passengers in view of the real aircraft size. thanks

  22. I have seen some comments on iTunes and here that say plane capacity is unrealistic, it actually isn't. The max passengers is consistent with the capacity of the planes with 1 class, which is possible to do in AT2.

    I saw a lot of complaining (myself included) that load factors are way off, and they certainly are, but people complain that they can't fill a 777 or a 747, I can. I have a fleet with over 150 widebodies (68 787-8s, 42 777-300ERs, 27 767-200ERs, and 25 747-400s), and almost all of them are operating at or near full capacity, and some of them are operating full flights per week, max price, and still have 90-100% load factors. I don't know how multiplayer will work, but just in case it is playable against people around the world I will keep my methods secret.

  23. Very nice game

    But why can't we make an IPO (initial public offering) to raise money in place of borrowing it to the bank.

    The others company could do the same and we could have the opportunity to have a stake in them. That could be a little more exciting.

    But once again very good game


  24. I love this game. But one thing that I believe should ahve stayed in game was Mc Donnel Douglas and the DC-9, DC-10 and MD-11. All 3 of these aircraft were in Tycoon 1 and I think they should be inclided in Tycoon 2 along with the MD-80, MD-90 and Boeing 717 (MD-95). I also feel there should be a variety of life times for each aircraft instead of 25 years for each one. It would make us think differently as to what will work for our air empire. A 4th manufacturer and aircraft life expectancy variety would make an already very good game even better. No 2 aircraft fly for the same amount of time. Some outlast their life expectancy and some go down before they reach it. I also feel this should be included in the game. Some aircraft you buy will live past thair life and some will die before they reach it. It would be another good spice.

  25. Thank you for a very nice game!

    Just a comment regarding the last update (Version 1.0.2) of January 7th 2011; whit this update my game started crashing ever so often (never had any problems with this before). Especially when going through the routes or setting up a new route.

    Please also add the Airbus A330-200F as this is basically the only alternative to a A380F from Airbus today.

  26. Thank you for this game.
    Well, I'm not good player.. I'm just managing to play this game.

    But when I need to loan money, the App freezes and just keep playing music.

    I have updated my IOS the latest version, and tried to delete the App & reinstall, but this bug had not fixed. Please fix it.

  27. Add more cities, 777 200lr and dash 8s and again a lot more cities. Also no a 300 and a310. Add a350 and more plane options


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